US: IKEA Expands Recall of Junior Beds that Pose Laceration Hazard

Recalled IKEA junior beds include the KRITTER and SNIGLAR models with a guard rail on one side. The pine wood KRITTER beds have animal cut-outs, such as a dog and cat on the headboard.

The Star - Nov 17, 2013; Rethink your eating habits

Food preparation and safety are the main complaints against Malaysian food outlets received by the National Consumer Complaints Centre (NCCC) this year, says Malaysian Association of Standards Users CEO Ratna Devi Nadarajan, listing out plastic in chicken burger, cockroach in a kid’s fast-food meal, lizard in a wedding cake and mouldy filled buns.

US CPSC: holiday injuries are increasing.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission says - on average - six thousand people a year go to the emergency room due to packaging-related injuries. And the CPSC says during November and December more than 13 thousand people will need medical help after decorating injuries such as falls, burns and lacerations.

Large retailer fined for violating Australia’s product safety laws

At the end of December, Dimmeys, a large Australian discount department store, was fined approximately $3 million dollars by an Australian court for violating Australia’s federal product safety laws for the fifth time. The retailer’s supplier, Starite Distributors, was fined $600,000, and the owner of Dimmeys has been banned from managing the company (or any other corporation) for six years. READ MORE

BBC: EU says pesticides may harm human brains

Two neonicotinoid chemicals may affect the developing nervous system in humans, according to the EU. The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) proposed that safe levels for exposure be lowered while further research is carried out. They based their decision on studies that showed the chemicals had an impact on the brains of newborn rats.

High Temperature Frying Potential Cause of Women's Lung Cancer

Domestic exposure to cooking fumes from high temperature frying could be the cause of lung cancer among Chinese women with no family history of the disease or exposure to secondhand smoke, said experts at the Hangzhou Tumor Hospital in Hangzhou, capital city of eastern China's Zhejiang Province. The hospital held free health consultations to mark World Lung Cancer Day on November 17, 2013.  "Thirty percent of the tumor patients admitted during the first half of 2013 had lung cancer," said head of the radiology department of Hangzhou Tumor Hospital Deng Qinghua.

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