New York Times: Dozens of Deaths, Inquiry Into Bed Rails

Data compiled by the consumer agency from death certificates and hospital emergency room visits from 2003 through May 2012 shows that 150 mostly older adults died after they became trapped in bed rails.

Over nearly the same time period, 36,000 mostly older adults — about 4,000 a year — were treated in emergency rooms with bed rail injuries. Officials at the F.D.A. and the commission said the data probably understated the problem since bed rails are not always listed as a cause of death by nursing homes and coroners, or as a cause of injury by emergency room doctors. Experts who have studied the deaths say they are avoidable.

Studies on benefits of standards

This webpage contains information on studies on the economic and social benefits of standards for trade, national economies, industry sectors, individual companies and citizens. It is intended as a reference repository of studies that address economic and other benefits of standards, their impacts and their relevance for international trade, innovation and economic development. The studies have been undertaken by different authors, such as national and international standards bodies, research institutes, universities and other international agencies.

Malaysian Standards (MS) and the Automotive Sector

Malaysian Standards relevant to improve safety, performance and environmental aspects of automotive sector
By the Malaysian Association of Standards Users


Malaysian Standards or MS for the automotive sector cover aspects of safety, performance, test methods and environment. More than half a million new cars enter Malaysian roads annually. It is also understood that due to import duties on foreign cars, Malaysians generally pay more than many of their Asian counterparts for the same car model. We also know that millions of cars were recalled worldwide due to various safety issues or problems – such as unintended acceleration.

Class is in - Big steps for education about standardization

by Daniele Gerundino on 31 August 2012

ISO-KATS regional workshop
ISO recognizes the fundamental contribution education can make to standardization. Universities and other educational institutions have a key role to play:

Can you spot a fake? ISO standard to expose "€œknock-offs"

by Maria Lazarte on 5 September 2012


From vital medicines to sophisticated airplane parts, failure to identify counterfeit products can result in serious harm to users. A new ISO standard will make it easier to expose fakes, everywhere in the world. ISO 12931:2012, Performance criteria for authentication solutions used to combat counterfeiting of material goods,

UL CONSUMER ADVICE: Product safety tips from


Extension cords

If a power tool is drawing more current than an extension cord can carry, it may cause the cord and tool to overheat and create a fire. Before using any extension cord to help power an electrical tool or appliance, the safety professionals at UL encourage consumers to consider three important questions:

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